Swami Brahmadev

His Holiness Sri. Swami Brahmdev is an enlightened master and an exquisite synthesis of love and wisdom. He is the symbol of virtue and purity. When he was young, unlike other children of his age, his mind wandered in the spiritual realms seeking answers. After completing his law school graduation and economics degree, he traveled the Himalayas in search of answers. He traveled throughout the length and breadth of the country.

His search stopped as he found his answers in the preachings of the most venerable Sri. Aurobindo and the Mother. His inner journey began with greater earnestness and was guided by a mystic force from within.He set up the Aurovalley ashram at the foot of the Himalayan mountains which is a place that belongs to all, like one family and one world. He has dedicated his life to live and share the legacy of Sri.Aurobindo and the Mother. He takes tireless efforts to help the community around the ashram by providing it with everything necessary.

Swamiji tries to honor invitations to many countries around the world, but the visits always had one focus; trying to equip people to play the game of life deftly. The holy river Ganges flow by the ashram as he delivers his teachings under a tree. All the isms and other barriers between humanity waft away at his presence. He is truly the symbol of peace and harmony and his presence will make International Festival of Yogic Heritage more vibrant.