Sri Sri Ravishankar

There was a special child, with an extraordinary wisdom and he could recite the Bhagavad Gita at the age of four. The same child in 1982, entered a ten-day silence to attain the gift of Sudarshan Kriya, an inspirational, poem like phenomenon, as he calls it, a very unique and powerful breathing technique which is well known to the modern yoga world. Today he is renowned as Gurudev Gurudev  Sri Sri Ravishankar or “Guruji” as his disciples address him with devotion.

Gurudev  Sri Sri Ravishankar is a symbol of peace, love, and humanity. Justifying his name, he reaches out to the darkest areas of this world and spreads the light of nonviolence and brotherhood. He took his first lessons of spiritual knowledge from his first teacher Sri. Sudhakar Chaturvedi, a Vedic scholar and a close companion of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gurudev  Sri Sri Ravishankar established the Art Of Living foundation, a non-religious, non-profit organization with the vision of a violence-free, stress-free society. The International Association for Human Values, a Geneva-based NGO founded by Gurudev, engages in rehabilitation and rural development works. He has visited countries like Iraq and Pakistan as a messenger of peace. His recent efforts for peace in Ivory coast, Cameroon, Kashmir, and Mexico have gained global attention. Strongly believing and recommending the concept of “Vasadhaiva Kudumbakam”, which considers the whole world as a family, Gurudev shows us the real art of living and he hopes for a better world harmonized with love, compassion, and peace.