Sri Pilot Baba

In 1966, wing commander of Indian Air Force, Kapil Singh lost control of his fighter plane, the Mig. He had lost connection to the base and was about to crash. He then had a vision of his Guru Sri Hari Baba. Baba appeared in the cockpit and helped him land to safety. This incident made him leave the life of bloodshed and choose a different path; a path of humanity and love. After his premature retirement from the Air Force, Pilot Baba was led back to his spiritual guru, Sri. Hari Babaji, an inheritor of the Himalayan Sainthood and became his disciple. e attained true samadhi(considered to be the pinnacle of enlightenment) under his Guru’s guidance in the Himalayas.

Today Pilot Baba is a true messenger of love. He is a Mahayogi who doesn’t surrender to the conventions of modern civilization. Pilot Baba says he doesn’t believe in any ‘isms’ and his aim is to show the path to oneself. He has been involving in many efforts for global peace and harmony. The hands which once served his country as a pilot is now serving the world as a true humanitarian and a spiritual leader. Along with Yogmata Keiko Aikawa, another disciple of Hari Babaji, he is on a mission called “WORLD PEACE CAMPAIGN” which aims at broadening the horizons of love, truth, and peace. A lover of humanity, a scholar, and an eminent spiritual leader; His Holiness Pilot Baba is truly an asset to the Yogic Community.