Sister Jayanti

Her Holiness Brahmakumari Sister Jayanti is a perfect synthesis of love and wisdom and an ambassador of peace. She was born in 1949 in India and  She has made her life into a tireless work for peace and women´s rights. Her secret recipe is a blend of Eastern wisdom and Western culture and education. She travels worldwide spreading the message of peace and giving erudite commentaries on spiritual and life-related topics. Sister Jayanti is a broadcaster, a speaker and an emissary for peace. Her efforts spread to various areas of the society including women empowerment, environmental protection, and guiding the youth. She plays a major role in planning and implementing the activities of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, as its European Co-ordinator. The activities of the university are stretched over 84 countries. She has a unique ability to impart the deepest spiritual truths with the utmost clarity. Her prominent lecture themes have included health, education, racial harmony, women´s needs, religions of the world, peace and international relations, all of which have generated a lot of media interest. She was one of the delegates to the International Women’s Year Conference – 1975, held in Berlin. This conference preluded the start of the United Nations Decade for Women. Sister Jayanti believes that the underlying reason for the crises that the world face today is the erosion of spiritual values. She works relentlessly to promote positivity, humanity and spiritual values to all areas of the society. Sister BK Jayanti is a member of Executive Committee of the World Congress of Faiths and the Advisory Body of the International Interfaith Centre and an Advisor to the Council for a Parliament of the World´s Religions. Be in the divine presence of Sister BK Jayanti at the International Festival of Yogic Heritage