Sri Vachananand Swamiji is a prominent philosopher and an expert in Yogic science. He is renowned under the name “Shwaasa Guru” who tirelessly take efforts for a healthy world through his establishment, the Shwaasa organization.

His enlightenment was initiated by his Guru, His Holiness Sri Marulashankara Shivayogi, an eminent Yogi who lived the life of an ‘Avadhuta’. Sri Vachananand Swamiji studied in detail about various spiritual and yogic traditions from various Yogic schools and ashrams. He chose the path of renunciation and continues  his mission of serving the mankind through yoga.

He realized that the power of Yoga is the best solution which can cure the society of its mental and physical illnesses.He travels around the world spreading the message of yoga through yoga camps and retreats. He is an adept in the major yoga forms and has come up with his own integrated version of yogic forms which suits the current generation.