Saraswathi Jois

Her Holiness Saraswathi Jois was born in 1941 as the daughter of the renowned Yogacharya Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Born into the house of a Yoga legend, she was introduced in the Yogic world at a very tender age. From the early age of 10, Saraswathi Jois started consistent practice and mastered the postures efficiently. She was the first girl ever to be allowed admission in the Sanskrit College of Mysuru. After her marriage he moved to Kolkata, but always kept Yoga to her heart through daily practices. After moving back to Mysuru in 1971, she started helping her father in his classes. In 1986 she started her own class and ignited quite a revolution by being the first woman to teach men and women together. She was criticised by the society for bringing such a radical change. Even under such circumstances, Saraswathi Jois firmly believed in the theory that Yoga sees everyone with the same eye. In 1971 she gifted the world with her gifted son, Paramaguru Sharath Jois. In 2002, she joined back KPJAYI and started teaching again along with her father and son. Saraswathi Jois a true inspiration and a legend in the field of Yoga. She is one among the leading female yoga teachers in the world and is adept in various aspects of Yoga.