Bipin acquired his education in Yoga through accomplished Gurus in India. He is a Yogacharya of Hatha Yoga and a devotee of Ashtanga Yoga. Bipin is a strong, confident man who is focused and dedicated to share and teach all who are devoted to Yoga.

Bipin started his teaching practice over 7 years ago when starting the Rishikul Foundation. Since then he has taught to an estimate of over 2,800 students in the form of the 200, 300 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses, workshops and his personal students.
Receiving heightened appreciation for his work, Bipin decided to deepen his own practice to offer more to his students.

For him Yoga isn’t something you ‘do’ but rather it is a worship, a way of life, a continuous process that needs refinement and attention. With a firm belief that yoga is a science and exceeds just body practices, he was able to understand the mystical and spiritual aspect attached to yoga. Bipin is committed to teach and inculcate a discipline in all his students practicing yoga.