AwaHoshi Kavan is an early pioneer of crystal sound. She developed the use of silicon quartz crucibles into dynamic life activation formulas for personalized spiritual growth, health and harmony.  Her program reveals the effective use of pure tone harmonics that guides listeners into renewed health and accelerated fulfillment of their purpose.

She has been a featured presenter at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in England, Australia,  and Indonesia, appeared on NBC Health News, USA, BBC and RAI Alternative Medicine television specials, and numerous articles have documented her work internationally for twenty-five years.

She presented at the First Alternative Medicine Conference in Guatemala City, Guatemala in 1995 and by popular demand was asked to present again over the lunch hour.  She is a dynamic speaker who presents with knowledge and compassion.  AwaHoshi nomadically carries the octave of crystal harmonics throughout the world, transforming countless lives in tangible ways.