In 1982, an Electronic Engineer travelled all the way from Switzerland to the abode of Gods, the Himalayas. He was on a mission assigned to him by his master. His master wanted him to serve the people in this part of the world and so he did. Today he is the most renowned guru, Sri Vishveshwarananda Saraswati. He is a revered master, an enlightened being and above all a lover of humanity. He is the true symbol of purity and virtue and is a true devotee to his master Sri Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati. He was born in 1944 in Rorschach, Switzerland, and had served his country as a pilot. He was influenced and greatly moved by the teachings of Swami Omkarananda, whom he accepted as his spiritual master. He surrendered himself completely to the will of his master. He has chosen the path of renunciation and has embodied in himself from childhood the promise of Brahmacharya’. Swamiji is a true Karma Yogi who bears total devotion and dedication to his master. He has served Swami Omkarananda’s Ashrams in Europe, before his journey to India. His arrival opened a new chapter in the region’s spiritual life. Today he is spearheading the activities of Omkarananda Ashram. He has established many schools to provide educational facilities even in the remote areas. He has also build temples, ashrams, and abodes for saints, teachers, and seekers. Be blessed in the presence of Swami Vishveshwarananda Saraswati at the first International Festival of Yogic Heritage