“A living wonder” is the absolute way of describing Victor Truviano. A true breatharian who draws energy from the subtle sources of the universe, which is otherwise known as prana. Born in Argentina, Victor was devoted to music and was the lead violinist of the Great Orchestra, Lanus City, until a tennis-elbow made him stop playing. That led him to a deep emptiness and this led him to the magic of pranic healing. He followed a 21 day assisted fasting with 7 dry days (no food) and lots of silence. Since then Victor Truviano is the one who does the impossible. In a world wherein thousands die of hunger, Victor is a ray of hope.From the last 9 years, this Mystic is feeding on the vital energy of the universe, definitely an infinite source.

Victor sleeps less, hardly two to four hours a day and sometimes he doesn’t sleep at all. Contrary to what you may believe Victor is a lively person, flexible and strong. “The first human being was completely abstract and creative, and my philosophy is simply to try to be more like him.”, Victor says with the usual smile on his face. With his permanent state of happiness, he travels around the globe, spreading the message of love and bliss. He says he is not a guru or herald and he doesn’t push anyone to his way of life. But he is the ultimate source of inspiration for the people who come to him. According to Victor Breatharianism is a special call. in this world, where we struggle and race so hard for the daily bread, where we predict a war for water, Victor Truviano stands out with a strong aura of chi around him with an ever smiling face and kind eyes.