His Holiness Sri M grew up in a Muslim family listening stories about mystical Sufi saints. At a tender age, he had an encounter with his future master the venerable guru, Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji, who appeared in front of him miraculously.This initiated a radical shift in his consciousness.After this meeting, Sri.M went through a certain spiritual transformation and witnessed few miracles, which led him into a quest to find a true master. He set out to the Himalayas and met various Yogis, learned yoga and attended Upanishad classes, but couldn’t succeed in his quest. Disappointed and discouraged, he decided to put an end to his quest and to his life by jumping into river Alakananda. As a reward for his efforts, his master appeared in front of him.His wait was over and he traveled along with master extensively which led to his kundalini awakening and his meeting with the grand master the renowned Sri Mahavatar Babaji. His life of sheer perseverance and self-discipline is a message for the world to chase their dreams. Later as his master has instructed he started a family life and visited various places to understand different spiritual traditions.After his master’s demise, Sri. M is completely involved in his mission for a better world through his establishment; the Satsang Foundation. He is a prominent spiritual guide, an eminent teacher, and an educationist. The wisdom and expertise of Sri.M will add color to the International Festival of Yogic Heritage.